Catchup TV - Android Issues

Catchup TV - Android Issues

Postby Garrybee » Tue Oct 22, 2013 9:48 am

Most devices in the Forum seem to be either Samsung or Iphone. Ok There are millions of users who use other Android phones and who are BBC Licence payers but dont seem to be served as well. :shock: I use 2 large screen phones from Huawei and also a Phablet Phone both of them with very good spec and running Android 4.1.1. 1GB memory 4" & 5" Screens and Arm and Qualcomm powerful processors. However both of these phones have problems Streaming BBC Iplayer Catchup TV over Wifi and some issues on 3G ( Iplayer RADIO and Live TV Streams ok). On Catchup TV The Screen will freeze or no sound or just very poor glitchy sound and picture until, the App crashes!. I did receive Feedback from the BBC informing me that is so difficult to suit every phone type and that really you may have to put up with it or change your phones. This is not acceptable! As BBC Licence payers everyone should receive equal service priority.
I have used other Catchup Android Services and they perform perfectly and Im not paying them a Licence fee!!. I have also checked with colleagues who have similar issues with IPlayer Catchup and they now dont use BBC IPlayer as they have too many problems.
So I would like to know whether anyone else has Catchup Playback issues with Android mobiles too?. I want to urge the BBC IPlayer Tech Team to adjust the streams so that EVERYONE using Android Mobiles can receive smooth Catchup TV Playback not just proritise for a section of the Community.
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