Surface RT not allowing iPlayer to work

Surface RT not allowing iPlayer to work

Postby LucyF » Wed Oct 16, 2013 10:14 pm

I've been happily watching iPlayer programmes, live and catch up, on my Surface RT for the last month, including yesterday evening. This evening when I tried accessing the website via typing in the address, it redirected me to the mobile site in terms of the address and then gave the message "Your device is not able to support BBC iPlayer".
To my knowledge I've not done anything to any settings though I have tried looking through the internet settings for anything obvious and not found anything.
Other players like 4od still work, it's just BBC iPlayer playing up.
I've tried checking for (and installing updates), I've also tried the trick of shutting down and restarting. Neither have worked.
Would be very grateful if anyone knows the answer to this one!
Thank you :)
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