new iplayer radio doesn't work

new iplayer radio doesn't work

Postby misswoodentop » Thu May 29, 2014 7:20 pm

Now I have been left with NO English language radio, since all I get from iplayer radio is a message saying: 'the sound of silence', and some kind of gobbledegook about incompatibility - it worked before, so it isn't MY COMPUTER that's incompatible, it's the so-called IT whizkids that can't be bothered to test new things properly before foisting them on innocent listeners. I just managed to get the final episode of Whimsey before it died, so something happened today - did they turn the old one off? What am I going to do without my radio? I can't afford a satellite dish, so no TV, just radio. OK I decided to live in France - only because I can't afford to live in England anymore. Can we go back to the old iplayer radio? of course not - that's #progress# :twisted:
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