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Internet Radios and other independent media devices

PostPosted: Mon May 30, 2011 3:11 pm
by JoeChip
Not everybody listens to BBC Radio over the internet using computers, iPlayer, iPods or iPads.

Over the years the BBC has done its best to deny the existence of dedicated internet radios and similar devices. However, there is a thriving community of users who, despite the Beeb's lack of interest, continue to find such devices meet their internet radio needs.

One such community can be found here:

There are other forums dedicated to portals other than Reciva. Most of them have members with a considerable knowledge of internet streaming and broadcasting, which you would have thought would be a considerable asset to the BBC in its quest to Deliver Quality First.

All this is assuming that issues posted here will be taken up by the BBC. Is there any commitment from them other than sending users disgruntled by the closure of the iPlayer board here to continue to complain into thin air?

Currently, there are at least three issues on my own forum which have failed to be addressed by the BBC despite reporting on the shortly to disappear iPlayer forum and being reported through the BBC's tedious contact system;

Radio5Live : split second breaks in stream every few seconds. This has been the case for days.
Radio4Extra : on demand /catchup has not worked for days.
BBC Radio : AAC streams failed several days ago and have not been restored. I understand there might be a knock-on effect on the availability of programmes on iTunes.

So what can do? What sort of support do you offer?


PS: No sig facility on this forum???

Re: Internet Radios and other independent media devices

PostPosted: Mon May 30, 2011 4:43 pm
by matt
Hi Joe,
This forum is mainly for users to help eachother like the BBC board has been.

I hope the iPlayer team will keep an eye on problems posted here and pass them on as needed.

The contact form is still the main way to report problems to the BBC.

PS: No sig facility on this forum???

Yes signatures can be used on this forum but they are not available to new users.