BBC Radioplayer not working again - Help !

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BBC Radioplayer not working again - Help !

Postby ttbarton » Sun May 06, 2012 8:29 am

Help !!! Once again, and for no apparent reason, my BBC Radio 4 live streaming on my computer has gone. Radioplayer is disabled just as it was in March when I requested help on this forum. No volume control - no access to Radio through iPlayer either. Why do the BBC continue to have this problem ? I am currently based in Portugal, but it is the same with my wife in France. Last time I posted there were two or three other people who confirmed they too had no reception on their computer in other countries. Will this problem be resolved any time soon by the BBC or do they simply not care ? Those of us overseas rely upon this important service, most particularly on Radio 4. As my family are based in France and it is election day it is particularly inconvenient for Radio 4 reporting not to be available. Thank you for any advice or input. David Eley
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