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Iplayer - off line viewing?

PostPosted: Tue Nov 27, 2012 3:00 pm
by andrewkennedy
I like to down load BBC programmes/films onto my computer (windows vista) and then put them on to DVD's. My problem is that I am often wanting to play them back when I am not near a Wifi Hot Spot or at home (on campsites etc). Can anyone suggest a way round the problem as it always seems to be that they have to be approved by the Beeb before alowing to play.

Re: Iplayer - off line viewing?

PostPosted: Wed Apr 23, 2014 8:35 am
by CliffordM
I am puzzled. You say download to DVD. Are you then trying to play the DVD on a DVD player.
What do you put on the DVD.

I have two ways I solve this problem (I too camp and also watch on trains etc)
1/ Download to my notebook and take it with me. These downloaded programmes play on iPlayer offline, the license is stored on the computer by iPlayer. I am puzzled why you cannot do this.
2/ I have a VGA to TV converter. This means I can play the programme on the computer when online at home and simultaneously record it on a video recorder onto a DVD. This can be played on any DVD player (when finalised). This is just as if it was recorded live. Note this is only legal for your own personal use.

Actually I use this more than downloading as iPlayer download playback quality is rubbish. Note it takes as long as the program so is time consuming but can be done when I am doing other things, but not very good for series catchup.

I used to use windows media player files which were far far better quality than iPlayer, downloaded faster and the windows download manager could use the full broadband bandwith, I often had 4 programs downloading simultaneously each at 5MB/s. Sadly this option is no longer available. I have found that downloading more than one program at a time on the New iPlayer is risky.