i-player on sky

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i-player on sky

Postby pfle701745 » Tue Jan 22, 2013 10:29 pm

I've just made a discovery about my newish Sky catchup TV system. There was a film called Doubt on BBC2 on Saturday night (20th Jan, 2013, i.e. two days ago). When I tried to find it on Sky's i-player, it was not there. But it WAS on i-player on my laptop.

BBC tell me it has to do with the film's rights and the two systems are not identical. But I can't find any reference to this fact anywhere on the Sky website. Surely Sky subscribers need to know that they won't get full catchup on Sky and they may have to go back to using the constantly-buffering BBC i-player on a PC.

I can't find any references to this issue on the web. Any links anywhere?

Can anyone shed any light on this. Is this fact common knowledge? Has there been some sort of slip-up? Does this happen often?

Strangely, the film Doubt is available in Sky's On Demand and I would have to pay to watch it.

Any thoughts?
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Re: i-player on sky

Postby matt » Wed Jan 23, 2013 12:47 pm

Hi pfle701745,
What the BBC have told you is correct.

Some rights holders restrict the platforms that iPlayer content can be made available on. Sometimes this means that a programme might be stream only with no download option, some programmes are not available on TV catchup platforms and the Wii etc.

Most iPlayer content is available on TV catchup services.

Films, programmes from overseas and sport are more likely to be affected by rights issues.
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