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BBC IPlayer Series Catch Up on Foxsat HD Box

PostPosted: Mon Nov 24, 2014 1:11 pm
In the last few months (not sure exactly when it last worked) the BBC IPlayer Series Catch Up facility has disappeared off my Foxsat HD box. I am now only able to access the latest version of a series, e.g. The Missing, and have no access to previous episodes. FreeSat support have said that is's a BBC issue and on the BBC IPlayer site it says the BBC decided to remove Series Catchup and give access to the last 30 days programs instead i.e. reducing the functionality that was previously avaialable since Series catchup provided access to more than the last 4 episodes. Obviously someone has removed the feature from IPlayer but now in addition for FoxSat HD boxes there's no access to previous episodes at all. The decision looks flawed anyway as a lot of series are more than 4 weeks long. It's outrageous that BBC Iplayer can completely remove a facitlity which has been working perfectly well for a number of years so that only the current episode of a series is available.