LG BD670 iPlayer broken after latest software update

LG BD670 iPlayer broken after latest software update

Postby RCornwell » Thu Nov 29, 2012 3:40 pm

I have been having problems with my LG BD670 Blu-ray player which started yesterday (28th November) after a software update.

When I powered up the BD670 I got the software updating screen and a software update took place, taking the level up to BD.8.97.422.E Now I can click the link to go to the iPlayer but then I get the Highlights page but the only buttons that work are the left and right arrows, which means I can scroll through the highlights but not navigate up or down or select to choose anything.

I did not use my box on the 27th so the problem may have started then. I had a chat session with the LG live support and they are saying it is a problem with the iPlayer software and they are waiting on a fix from iPlayer themselves. I have reported my issues to the BBC iPlayer people and have had an automated response but nothing further.

Has anybody else had this problem? Has anybody got an answer out of the iPlayer people?
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Re: LG BD670 iPlayer broken after latest software update

Postby elaine » Sun Dec 02, 2012 10:00 pm

I have the same problem had a software update on the 28th November and now can only scrool left and right with the remote on the bbci player nothing else will work. The response i had from bbci player was check that your model is certifitied on the site and make sure you have the latest software update, the answer to both of these is yes. I also contacted LG who seem to think its down to the bbci player people to put right as it was a update from them. I am getting nowhere with this. It seems we just have to wait for the next software update in the hope that this will recitify the problem
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