Problem with programmes freezing on Sony Bluray player & PS3

Problem with programmes freezing on Sony Bluray player & PS3

Postby BlueLightAlarm » Sun May 04, 2014 3:00 pm

Hi, I found this forum through the iPlayer help pages and wonder if someone can help please?

I have used iPlayer regularly in the past and never had an issue but over the past 7-8 weeks I've been having a problem where the programme will pause as if it is buffering but it never continues playing.

On my PS3 I can sometimes back out of the programme and select resume and it will carry on playing for a short while then happen again. Other times the whole system becomes unresponsive and after a few seconds I hear 3 beeps and it restarts. I also use itv player, Netflix and NowTV on the system and have no trouble at all with them, just iPlayer and only recently.

I've tried deleting and reinstalling the iPlayer app. I've also cleared my history, cache, cookies. Every time the system reboots after freezing and beeping, I am asked to run a system check and have done this a few times with no joy. I have tried completely resetting my system and starting from scratch but it is still happening.

It's happening on various different programmes, at different points in the programme, at different times of the day. It happens with SD and HD streams. My broadband is quite steadily at 17Mbps and nothing else in the house is using the internet, it's connected by ethernet cable. I can watch programmes streaming with no problems on my laptop so don't think it's an issue with my internet speed.

I'm also having the same problem on my Sony Bluray player where the programme will freeze after a short length of time but it causes the whole system to freeze the only way to get it working again is to unplug it.

Does anyone have any ideas as this is really starting to do my head in now! It happened 4 times just now while I was watching a 45 minute programme!

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