iPlayer constantly dropping out

iPlayer constantly dropping out

Postby eddieteetree » Fri Oct 19, 2012 11:07 am

We have had BT Vision for about a year mainly in the hope of using BBC iPlayer 'catch up'. However like others here it doesn't work properly whether using the BT Vision box or the app on our Phillips HD internet TV.
We had put up with the problem hoping it might be sorted after the 'change over'. We'll it has not. We have had BT check and fix our internet service and it works fine. Download speed is app 38.25, upload is 8.10, ping 24.25. (if that helps)

The problem appears to be similar to others here, all running different TV's so we can rule that out. Any iPlayer 'catch up' program drops out during viewing, sometimes immediately other times up to an hour or more into the show! It is so random. Also it is worse on the Vision Box than on the TV app. On the Vision box it continually freezes and tries to load using the app it drops the conection and can usually re-connect in a couple of minutes, then lasts a differing amount of time before repeating.
Hope you have some answers.
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