iplayer downloads

iplayer downloads

Postby sarge » Wed Jun 18, 2014 8:59 am


I'm using windows 7 and firefox and can view iplayer programs ok. I have installed downloader (many times now) and when I click "download" in iplayer it asks me if I have installed it, I say yes and choose to download in sd (have tried other options too but same issue).

Until recently I was getting stuck with it saying that thiis needed to opened with an application, and I couldn't get anything to open.
So after looking on the net, I found where downloader.exe was stored ~ users/user/appdata/local etc and next time I was asked for an application I did "choose" and entered the exe file from that location and that worked ok and downloader loads up.

The program I want to download appears in the list ok and it says status online at the bottom. I have the option to pause the download (reume pause toggles) but no data downloads, it just sits there displaying ( 0 bytes).

Also I notice that if I click to go to iplayer website from downloader, nothing happens with that either.

I'm wondering whether my workaround the "needed application" problem is causing these issues ??

any ideas anyone ?? Grateful for any help ~ thanks in advance.

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Re: iplayer downloads

Postby cct » Fri Jun 20, 2014 1:13 am

ISTR this was documented in an earlier thread, or on the iplayerFAQs

Requires linking the application in FF
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